Artist Sketching

Our Story

KALKA designs was created by Gillian McCormick and is based in Paisley, Scotland. It is a brand that was born during a time of great uncertainty when a global pandemic forced the world to slow down. Initially, it seemed our freedom had been taken from us, but it soon became apparent that we are now freer than ever! We have been given the chance to change our world and the way we live in it which encourages a clearer view of what matters. As a new brand, we welcome the opportunity for growth and new beginnings which is always a source of inspiration for new designs.


Based in Paisley, Scotland, we take great pride in finding inspiration from our local surroundings, although our designs are not exclusive to the people of our town. We focus on natural influences and where possible, we make our products from organic fabrics to support a sustainable future for our planet. It is important to us that our customers receive the highest quality of products and excellent service. We encourage people to get in touch to work with us to create original pieces that you truly love to wear.