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Admittedly, starting out as a new brand through a pandemic has been tough and had it had its challenges but I believe that the sense of community and support I have received from my town has not only helped to showcase my work to a wider audience but has also helped me personally, boosting my confidence enough to believe my dreams are achievable. Small businesses and organisations have definitely been hit hard this past year and a half, but I have felt a warmth of encouragement from social media recently, where all the small local businesses in my area have been supporting and promoting each other in any way they could. This sense of community has inspired me to do the same both in my business life and personal life.

As a mum, it has always been important to me to encourage my kids to work hard and fully commit to activities that they enjoy. My youngest son Alex has always been passionate about sport, he dances and plays basketball but his true passion is football. In June last year, he joined Glenvale FC, a team based in my hometown of Paisley. From his very first night training with Glenvale, he has loved being part of this team. He has learned and had fun with the other boys in the team, with whom he became great friends. And with the help, patience and commitment of his amazing coaches, Ryan, Bryan and Graham and the support of Lewis and Kyle from the older teams, he has grown in confidence and is developing skills and techniques he can now transfer from training drills into games.

At the young and impressionable age the kids are at, the encouragement they receive from their coaches, is not only important in improving their skills on the pitch, but also in shaping them into the people they are growing to be. This is something that I believe to be massively important and I am extremely thankful for the time and effort the Glenvale team put in. So, it gives me great pleasure to share with you that Kalka are now able to sponsor the team! This enables me to show Kalka’s appreciation for the work they do and helps them provide the kids with the equipment and strips that they need to keep progressing into the football stars they are! In return, my brand logo will be printed onto their strips giving me the exposure that will help me progress as a small business. I am extremely happy that Kalka and Glenvale can collaborate and help each other in this way! And on a personal level, I can now watch the boys play, develop and have fun while feeling super proud of them, and myself, for the hard work, determination and passion we have shown for what we love to do! Well done Glenvale!

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