Top 5 reasons to buy Kalka tees!

  • At Kalka, all our tees are made from cotton, which is a fabric made from natural, biodegradable fibres which work well with our bodies to ensure our skin stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The natural properties of cotton make it a light, breathable fabric which is kind to our environment. But, at Kalka, we like to take it further...

  • We used combed cotton. What does that mean? well, regular cotton is manufactured by harvesting, deseeding and cleaning the cotton fibres before spinning them into yarn. However, combed cotton goes through an extra step - the combing! This is where the fibres are run through a Nasmith combing machine where the longest, toughest fibres are separated from the shorter, weaker strands which are more prone to breakage. Around 15% of the fibres are removed leaving only the strongest strands to be spun into thread or yarn. Removing the impurities and the shorter protruding fibres creates a fabric that is harder wearing, longer-lasting and more breathable, which is why Kalkas tees are made to last! But we don't stop there...

  • We use cotton that is also ring-spun. Again this is manufactured differently from regular cotton, which is made by twisting soft vegetable fibres to produce the yarn which is woven to make the fabric. This short process creates cotton which can be manufactured at a low cost, which makes it a massive worldwide seller, but also contributes to fast fashion which is a massive global concern. However ring-spun cotton is manufactured differently. It is produced by twisting and thinning the cotton strands (which have previously been combed!) to make a longer, finer rope of fibres which are then woven into a fabric, which is more durable, and longer-lasting than regular cotton. This produces a fabric that is more expensive to produce and buy, but the need to replace your ring-spun garments after a short period is reduced dramatically, therefore slowing the pace of the fashion industry.

  • Our tees have all been pre-shrunk. This means the fabric we use has been run through a machine that condenses the fabric, eliminating the space between stitches meaning that when the garment is washed and dried it will remain as close to its original size as possible. So no need to size up in case it shrinks in the wash!

  • We use side seam construction. This is an important feature of our garments as without it our tees would lose their shape and you would probably stop wearing them. Have you ever bought a cheap t-shirt and only worn it a couple of times before it feels twisted and difficult to iron neatly. Our side seams help to stop this happening, ensuring you can wear your Kalka tee over and over again and know that it still looks and feels in great condition!

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