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Welcome to KALKA Designs!

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Hi! Welcome to my blog! Let me start by introducing myself as I hope to create a friendly, welcoming online space which encourages lots of discussions, feedback, and thoughts!

My name is Gill and I am the creator of KALKA Designs, which to be honest I still cannot believe!

When I hit my thirties, my whole life basically changed for the better! I left my job in mental health

which, although I had always loved, I knew it was never the career I dreamed off. I went back to

studying Fashion Design and Technology at Glasgow Clyde and absolutely loved it. I have always

loved fashion but recently feel it has helped to give me the confidence to express the true me!

Cheesy as it may sound, but nobody can deny the power of a good outfit! This, combined with my

love of art, drawing and generally anything creative, created the perfect course for me, and doing it

not only taught me what I wanted to learn about the fashion industry but also helped me gain the

confidence to create my own clothing brand.

My studies didn’t end the way I expected though due to COVID, which to be honest was pretty tough

for me. Part of me decided to go back to studying to prove to myself that I could do it, and do it well,

so to finish without actually finishing and having no graduation was hard to accept. So, I mopped

around for a bit, then decided to make the most of what I had learned and put it towards something

I had always wanted to do. So, KALKA was born!

Aside from studying and KALKA Designs I am also a proud mum to 2 boys, Lee and Alex. They could

not be less alike, Lee loves reading, writing, drawing and learning and Alex is a little ball of energy

who is into football, basketball and dancing, so all these things play a big part in my life too! I like to

think I have encouraged them to also express themselves creatively in a way they enjoy. I also love the gym and walking, which is something I would never have said a few years ago! But ive

learned that it definitely helps to keep a clear mindset therefore helping me to focus on what is

important. Any other spare time I have is spent with my beautiful family and friends, preferably at the seaside!!

Gill x

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