To celebrate World Earth Month this year I have decided to join a good friend of mine to promote our favourite Garden friend – the bee! Susie keeps hives full of bees and knows all there is to know. She produces the most beautiful, natural products, always keeping the bee’s health and happiness at the heart of what she creates!

We have decided to create a little gift box for all the bee lovers! Our box will contain:


  • A hand drawn Kalka print which will not only look fantastic on any wall but will also remind you that you are amazing and should be happy to show the world the uniqueness that is you!

Print size is 8x10


  • Medium bee’s wax food wrap. Use this environmentally friendly wrap to shape around containers and food to create a breathable seal which keeps your food fresher for longer! Can be washed in cool water with a mild detergent and lasts up to a year!


  • 3x Bee’s wax tealight candles. with a much longer burning time, less soot and less dripping than paraffin candles, these are the ideal gift to create a beautiful ambient atmosphere in any house!


  • A packet of wildflower scatter seeds which will not only make your garden or pots look very pretty, but they will also attract bees, butterflies and other insects and encourage pollination.


Our gift boxes will be priced at £22 and 10% of profit will be donated to the ‘Bees For Development’ fund to help people in the poorest countries become self-sufficient through beekeeping, which is in keeping with this years World Earth Day theme – Invest in our Planet

World Earth Day 'Bee Gift Box'